Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's April First . . . you know what that means . . .

Actually, it means lots of things! And I have lots of fun and inspirational links to prove it.
Today is April Fool's Day (Check this out to see who's playing jokes today. You may be surprised at some of the big-name pranksters! And it's fun.)
Easter is this Sunday. (This article excerpt paints me a picture, makes me remember, fills me with gratitude and love, causes me to rejoice! Very worth the click.)
Josiah's birthday will be in NINE days. He'll be EIGHT! Really? Is life flying by like a kite that has gotten free of the hand and is careening unfettered, fast and furiously, through the blue, blue sky? It is beyond me. My hand can not hold the hours, cannot freeze the minutes or stop the seconds. So I run . . . run like the wind, chasing my life, scooping up moments in my butterfly-net memory to take out later. To look at and savor. The boys are changing so rapidly . . . getting bigger, looking less and less like little boys. I see in their faces shadows of the men they will be. I look back at moments captured in photos only one short year ago, and see so clearly the changes that creep up on us so subtly, day by day. Have they changed that much? Have I? And then, I run on to live more life, to snap more shots that will astound me next year, to chase the kite. (See how we celebrated last year.)
April means there is only one month left of school. Daniel looked out the window yesterday morning as he sat at the bar playing with Legos. The sun was early-bright and the sky was azure and a warm breeze was bringing outside scents in. He paused for a moment and said, excitedly, "Mom! I see summer coming in my window!" Ah, yes. Come on, summer. Come on.
And today marks the first day of National Poetry Month! (Teachers, parents, poets, lovers of poetry . . . here are thirty ways to celebrate poetry month.) This year's official Poetry Month poster can be found at Teachers, free copies of the poster are available while supplies last. You can also purchase past Poetry Month posters. What a great way to decorate your classroom this April!

I spent the last two beautiful, balmy days of March at a school tennis tournament. Isaac and his doubles partner, Colton, brought home a silver medal. They played their hearts out. I am so proud of them. I will post more on this later. I have lots of pictures to share.
Just wanted to welcome this month, at times dubbed "the cruelest."
But I expect great things from April this year.
Celebrations of life and words.
And the most important celebration of all, of the Word who became Life so we, who were dead, might LIVE!
Happy April, everyone!
(My poetry pick for today.)

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Abigail Kreighbaum said...

It is crazy how fast time passes! I can still remember the days when Isaac and I would watch Bear in the Big Blue House together. We would grab big buckets and fill them with water to make streams in the dirt in your backyard. We would put his toy dinosaurs in the streams that we would make. Every Sunday we would do that. Now, I am going to be in high school and Isaac is going to be in junior high! It is so crazy!