Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do the next thing . . .

My grandmother was a meticulous housewife, a pastor's wife, a mom of four, and later an active grandmother and great-grandmother who always thought ahead to have little treats and projects on hand for the kids to have and do when they came to her house. She did it all, and she did it all well.
Grandma lived by a simple yet effective principle. As an adult, when I would be feeling overwhelmed with housework and raising kids and running errands and contributing to our church and just . . . everything, I would call her and rattle off my list with dismay, and a big sigh at the end. Her answer was the same every time. "Just do the next thing, " she would calmly say. "And when that is done, do the next thing."
So simple.
What a great help that was to me many a day. There were days I could not face everything I had to do, but I certainly could face the next thing.
And more often than not, the days I worked out of the "do the next thing" principle were my most productive days, and I really did get through everything on my list, with time to spare!
With summer break officially underway, and the boys at home needing something to do seemingly every moment; with a large and ongoing remodeling project on my hands and a house to pack up; with new classes to teach in the fall and a brain that is already lesson planning for next school year, it is safe to say there are days that I feel completely overwhelmed.
And I want to reach for the phone. To call gram and hear her voice say, "Just do the next thing . . ."
Or to let her know that I hear her voice in my ear, and it helps me make it through. It helps me do the next thing.
Unfortunately, blogging has been my next, next, next thing on the list lately, which is why it's been several weeks of silence here.
But believe me, life has certainly been going on behind the scenes!!!
Mostly, I am working on our new house. Right now, plans are to be moving in with mom by August 1st. But I have made sure there is still time to sit outside with the kids and enjoy some simple summer fun!!
Daniel will be three in one week . . .a little less actually. I can't believe how time is flying. We are potty training and he is doing fairly well.
The other night, as he was going to bed, he commented to me that one of his boo-boos was going away and his skin was growing back. He was amazed at that, and asked why his boo-boo was going away. "Our skin heals, and regenerates." I said.
"Why?" he asked (yes, we are in that stage).
"Because that is how God made it." I answered.
"God made it that way?! Why? Because he loves me?!"
"Yes! He loves you very much!"
He was quiet for a moment and got a big grin on his face and said, "God is the best boy!"
Gosh, I love this age!
All the potty training frustrations and two-going-on-three year old crazy boy antics are so definitely worth that!!
Speaking of potty training . . . Daniel pooped on the potty the other day!! He walked into the bathroom, locked the door (which I promptly jimmied) and told me upon breaking in to the bathroom, "No, mom. I'm okay. I'll call you."
So, I left, and stood on the other side of the door, wondering at this little man who all of a sudden just decided to do this thing . . . and he did! He called me and there it was. A poop in the potty!! We danced and yelled out whoops of joy and gave him a whole dang bag of M&M's to do with as he pleased.
We were so proud of him.
Yesterday, he wore undies all day successfully.
See. I am so not a pusher on potty training. And when they are ready, it happens. No stress and pulling out of the hair and cleaning mess after mess. Just this wondering at your baby taking one more step away from baby-ness into . . . kid-hood.
So . . . I am off to the next thing, which happens to be a large pile of laundry that is threatening to animate and eat us all in a gory display . . . wish me luck.


aeriole said...

I'm missing out on too much! A new house? Do tell! Last time we talked about it, which was before I moved here, you mentioned remodeling the house you have now? So, are you moving or remodeling?
Miss you guys!!

Scott said...

I guess you could say you let out a "poop whoop"...nah.

Missed your blogging. Glad to see you had time to post.

Shelden said...

This brought tears of sadness and tears of laughter to my eyes. I just love daniel's little liners that he throws out there like about how God is the best boy.