Saturday, May 1, 2010

What the sun does . . .

after a stormy day, is this . . . .
Pink sky sunset. This is how yesterday made its exit. Stunning.

What the sun does after a stormy night, is this . . . .
Glory you can see. God's fingertips reaching down, touching earth with just a glimpse. Makes me giddy to witness. This gift. Heavens open. Split-second shekhinah.
Unfortunately, the sun made only this brief appearance today.
We had a school track meet which was met with a damp, cold rain most of the day.
All our kids were troopers, though, and most of them played through the weather.
Josiah and his good buddy Nathaniel were at it again, winning something together. I don't know . . . I'm starting to see a pattern here. These two seem to be born to win together. I really do believe there is a kindred spirit that they share.
Their first event was a three-legged race, and they worked together and crossed the finish line with speed and ease. It was so awesome to watch!
Josiah also participated in the running long jump, the 50 m dash and softball throw.
Isaac did the high jump, the 400 m and the shot put.I'm not sure yet how they placed in all their events. I think they both placed in everything they participated in though. We'll find out next week at school.
By the time we got home, we were chilled through, but some hot pasta e fagoli  and tales of victory around the table at Grandpa's house were just what we needed to warm our bones.
Here are some pics from the day.
Our day was full, and long, but it was so good.
We are home now.
And we are warm. Inside and out.
The boys are eating oatmeal cookies and drinking hot cocoa.
There is sleep hanging like heavy curtains about to close in their eyes.
But there is something else too.
There is victory.
There are dreams which became memories which will be dreams again . . . in just a little while.

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